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SUPEREXAERO-5000 Supercritical Drying System

Manufacturer/ Producer:
Pard Mühendislik
4.37 out of 5
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5 liter extractor column, Extra 0.5 liter extractor column, Large diameter extractor column designed for airgel drying, The separator column where the alcohol put in with the sol-gel can be recovered, Specially designed stainless steel baskets for loading sol-gel sample, Working pressure up to 138 Bar, Working temperature up to 70 °C, Liquefaction unit for stable CO2 supply, Full-automatic drying process (CO2 feeding and discharge, drying process is fully automatic), Remote control via PC and smartphone, Emergency warning lamp with sound and light, showing the instant status of the device, Temperature control with PID algorithm, Digital fully automatic pressure control, observable flow rate, Adjustable CO2 supply and discharge feature at low speeds, It can be used in long drying processes (24-48 hours), Adjustable pressure rise-drop curve

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Made in Turkey
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