Our stones are strong and durable. We send our stones to many countries of the world. We work diligently for the satisfaction of our customers. Our natural and colored stones have a solid, non-wearing and durable structure. The natural stone sector is a sector that is gradually increasing its share in our country's exports. The sector, whose share in world trade is also growing, is growing in Turkey beyond this increase in the world. In world trade, the volume of natural stones in terms of export value shows a turnover of 17.3 billion dollars. Considering that our country has exported 2.06 Billion Dollars of natural stones as of 2017, 12% of the world's natural stone export volume has been made with the stones of our country. Likewise, since the world natural stone exports are around 94 million tons as of 2017, our country's natural stone exports in 2017 are approximately 8.5 million tons, producing 9% of the world's foreign trade volume in terms of amount. Marble and natural stones produced in our country are exported to 179 countries. This number is expected to increase in parallel with the search for new markets. One of the reasons why the natural stone industry is in a good position in our country and in the world is that the international fair understanding is in good condition. Considering the production amount and value, Turkey is one of the five largest countries in the world in the marble and natural stone sector with its potential. Today, Turkey exports 2 billion dollars worth of marble and natural stone to 179 countries. There are crystalline limestone (marble), limestone, travertine-formed limestone (onyx), conglomerate, breccia and rocks of magmatic origin (granite, syenite, diabase, diorite, serpentine, etc.) in various colors and patterns in Turkey.


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