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SUPEREX F-1000 Counterflow Supercritical Extraction System (Counter-Current Extraction System)

Manufacturer/ Producer:
Pard Mühendislik
4.70 out of 5
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Supercritical CO2 Extractor Systems: 1 Liter extractor column Extra 0.5 liter extractor column, With CO2 liquefaction system, Working pressure up to 345 Bar, Working temperature up to 70 °C, All surfaces in contact with food are stainless steel, Smooth-honed reactor columns against microbial attachments, Special design for extraction from liquid sample, Extra liquid feed pump, Instant visible flow rate on the flowmeter, Temperature control with PID algorithm, Digital fully automatic pressure control, Easy sample loading, Independent electronic and mechanical pressure safety system

sku: f9IiawOocudD8U1BiaiFFlba1oA3

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Made in Turkey
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