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Pergola systems are manufactured with materials that are carefully chosen to be suitable for the seasonal and climatic conditions of the area where they will be used. Corrosion distributions are calculated, and the materials are selected based on the load they will bear. Additionally, pergola systems can be designed to match the model and color specifications of the installation area. They are easily adaptable for use in all seasons and can be opened and closed in any type of space. Our Pergola Systems; Aluminum profiles are manufactured with electrostatic powder oven paint. It can be integrated with glass systems. The fabric used is a 10-layer, waterproof, flame-resistant, textured, black-out membrane product. The fact that the fabric has a three-dimensional pattern and a tight touch is a feature that distinguishes it from other fabrics. It doesn’t offer many color choices, but it is long-lasting. Sun and rain proof, odor free, moss proof.

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