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Guillotine Glass System

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Global Tente
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Guillotine glass systems are produced with motorized operation and work vertically. In Guillotine glass systems, there are typically 2 or 3 panels. While one of these panels remains fixed, the others are movable. The stationary part serves as a guardrail. Guillotine glass systems can be equipped with single or double glass, and they can be customized for thermal and acoustic insulation based on your requirements. They are an indispensable complement to our other product lines, especially pergola systems. Our Guillotine Glass System; The aluminum profiles are manufactured with electrostatic powder coating for added durability. These systems can be produced with either single or double glass. There are various color options available for both the glass and the profiles. Integration with Motorized Roof Systems: They can be seamlessly integrated with motorized roof systems.

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