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Deep Dryer LY20 (Freeze Dryer)

Manufacturer/ Producer:
Pard Mühendislik
4.21 out of 5
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Ice Capacity:20 kg Total Tray Surface Area:2 m2 Fresh Food Capacity:18-20 kg Evaporator Temperature:-40°C Number of Shelves:10 Shelf Spacing:40 mm Shelf Heating Type:Electricity Shelf Temperature:0 - 80 °C Tray Quantity:10 + 10 Tray Dimensions (w*d*h):250*800*20 mm Vacuum Pump System / Value:Double Stage / 20 Pa Vacuum Pump / (Optional):Oily Type / (Dry Type) Compressor:Embrico Refrigerant Gas:R404A Energy Consumption (Average):2.9 kWh Programming:12 Steps / 10 Recipes Material:AISI 304

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Made in Turkey
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